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Hi, I'm David. I've always been interested in what distinguishes successful ideas and especially - how to find and develop them. In my 20 years of professional life, I have gained a lot of experience. Good and bad, I've often fallen flat on my face, I've earned a lot and lost a lot again - and of course I've learned a lot. But the amazing thing is, no matter in which industry or position I was on the road, the success factors were always the same. In the PIONEEER framework I have processed all the experiences I was allowed to make or had to make. You profit from all my insights, but you are spared my mistakes and learn from my successes. That's why I developed the PIONEEER Framework: 01 | Good ideas are not implemented because "you" don't know "how to start" and because there is no A-Z guide that takes you "by the hand" and shows you exact steps, when to do what and how to do it. 02 | Potential founders give up because there is no one to support them or there is no demand for the "groundbreaking founding idea". Thus, due to ignorance or fears, great potential unfortunately remains unused. 03 | The business models of self-employed and small businesses no longer work as expected, markets change, customers stay away and the company is on the brink of failure. The framework is the appropriate solution for this.

The PIONEEER-Framework | A structured Game Plan for developing disruptive ideas and revolutionary innovations.

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